Vision Board: In the Works!

Our roadmap begins with you. We believe that the strongest long-term communities in this space move at the speed of friendship, and we aim to create a sustainable space to champion dreamers, creatives, and friends in all that we do. Our first goal is to create the meeting place for such a community. Of course, we also have a lot of amazing plans in store for the future (you'll find hints along the way)!

Ship Building

  • Fully generative NFT collection. Builders get physical rewards along with the NFT art drawn by Pom.
  • Don’t forget to choose your crew wisely!
  • Add your crew through our website (coming soon).


  • Holders are a core part of 3landers!
  • Pom livestreams his art for the community to enjoy and chat, perhaps win something along the way.
  • Check out sponsored art contest, game night, community lead spaces, and the vibes!


  • Login and join the Worldwide Webb Pixelverse as one our limited 3landers! (September?)
  • Gaming is natural progression for NFTs, so check out our Metaverse partnership announcement (soon)

Reward System

  • Developing a rewards system for our loyal community members
  • Incentives and rankings for our holders.
  • Holder profiles, rankings, level up!


  • Around the corner several new limited merchandise will be available for all holders
  • Stubby works bridging the gap on Web3 and the Physical world
  • Brand collaborations!
  • Toys - Q4 - Surprise box and limited legendries!


  • 3land is working closely with industry leaders on pitching to animation studios
  • Keep an eye out for developments!