A Guide to the Oasis

Season 2 is finally here!

This is your guide to everything you need to know during your adventure and how to maximize the potential of your journey. Here we will talk about logging into your dashboard, staking your 3Landers, how to earn shards, your weekly adventures, and the potential rewards that lie at the end of each

Staking Dashboard

Logging into your dashboard is easy! Head over to adventure.3landersnft.com, you will need to connect your wallet. Once logged in you will land on your dashboard page. From here you can send each 3Lander on an adventure (stake your 3Lander) as long as it is not listed on any secondary markets.

In Season 1, and continuing into Season 2, you will earn one 3L point for each 3Lander on an adventure. You also have the ability to multiply your staking rewards by having Biomes, 3L Worlds, Adventure Ships or multiple 3Landers. These points will accumulate in your account and will allow you to purchase items or enter raffles from Bert’s Shop.

In addition to staking for 3L points, Season 2 will allow your 3Lander to gather shards. For each day that your 3Lander is staked, it will gain one shard. Take note, this is not your 3L account, but rather the NFT itself. This means that 3Landers have a chance to increase in value… or possibly evolve? Time will tell.

To see how many shards you’ve earned throughout your adventure, you can find this in the top left corner next to your 3L PFP. Below this is a notification center that will keep you up to date on exciting Season 2 news. Back to shards! The shard count will increase as each 3Lander earns shards. Keep in mind, if you sell a 3Lander, you will be forfeiting the shards it has earned. This also means you can buy 3Landers that have shards. Sell and buy wisely in Season 2!

Let’s get back to the dashboard. On the top right of your screen, you will find all the 3L points you have in your account. This is everything you’ve earned, minus what you have spent in Bert’s 3L shop, which you can find in the bottom righthand corner of your dashboard. On the bottom lefthand corner you will find the best part of Season 2, your Adventure and how you can help your 3Landers possibly earn more shards and rewards for yourself.

Adventure Screen

What we do know is that the shards will help us against the Great Monsters. If you think it’s a good idea to gain as many shards as you can, which we encourage, then you should join the adventure with your 3Landers!

You can do this by participating in games of chance! Each week we will be embarking on a new adventure. You will be greeted by colorful new landscapes and friendly minimon eagerly waiting to help you across your map. Maps are 6 spaces long. You will have 7 turns allotted to you for each map. If that’s not enough, you can also earn 7 additional turns. Keep an eye out for the opportunities, it’ll change every week. Having extra turns will greatly increase your odds of making it to the end, or at least halfway.

By making it to the halfway point on your map, each of your staked 3Landers will receive an additional shard. Those who reach the end earn the chance at winning cool and fun prizes! These prizes will change each week as well.